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We’re spilling the beans:

posted May 17, 2016

A few months ago with wrote about storytelling and taxes… Weird but true. Storytelling is a powerful tool for organizations across many areas. And by the way, the Stanford Innovation Review has an upcoming seminar on Storytelling and Communication (and TON is attending!)
Our ideas today piggybacks on our previous post on storytelling. And given that we have narrowed our ties with Canada – by becoming certified by the Canadian Public Accountability Board ( we want o tell you about the “Storytelling BeanCounter”, a Canadian firm with an innovative idea. Earl Rudolfo, its CEO, describes it like this: “There is always a story behind cold, hard numbers of a business. And I am here to tell you that story as it relates to your business. My goal is to make it easier for business owners to understand, appreciate and interpret these numbers in order to make proactive and informed decisions.”
We told you… Storytelling and accounting, storytelling and taxes… After all, what is storytelling other than making meaning out of ideas, actions – in one word, data – that would otherwise be… well, a mess? Check out the Bean Counter @STBeancounter on Twitter.

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