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Thayer O’Neal’s new associates: Arqam Afaq, Halee Manning, and Cindy Seale!

posted February 28, 2016



We take great pleasure in announcing these Thayer O’Neal’s new associates! We recently welcomed accountants/auditors Arqam Afaq and Halee Manning to our Audit Team, as well as Cindy Seale, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and registered nurse, to our Consulting Team where she serves as an accounting and finance consultant specializing in healthcare.

A Note from Our Partners

“Recruiting and retaining highly qualified accounting and finance talent are top priorities for me and my fellow partners, John Thayer and Curt Vaculik. My partners and I are entrepreneurs committed to serving other business owners, executives and professionals, not only in Texas, but also in other states and other countries. Cindy will play a key role in expanding our healthcare consulting practice, bringing us even more strength and capabilities than we already have in the healthcare sector. Halee and Arqam will provide extra capacity to our current Audit Team, and they will enable our Firm” commented Mickey O’Neal.

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