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IRS Admits it Encourages Illegals to Steal Social Security Numbers for Taxes

posted August 31, 2016

Apr 13, 2016 @ 03:10 AM 200,628 views The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets
IRS Admits It Encourages Illegals To Steal Social Security Numbers For Taxes

Robert W. Wood ,

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This isn’t exactly the kind of story the IRS wants buzzing around at tax time. The IRS and Justice Department normally want ‘scared straight’ stories just before Tax Day. Ideally, when an indictment or conviction for tax evasion hits the news, it makes you think twice. Somehow, you think just a bit more about all those deductions, or if you really reported all your income, before you sign your return under penalties of perjury.

Instead, we have the top dog at the IRS, the IRS Commissioner himself, admitting that, well, there’s a problem with illegal immigrants and taxes. In fact, the top IRS official this time wasn’t talking about how the IRS wipes some hard drives or can’t find emails. He wasn’t even asking for a bigger budget to give bonuses to IRS employees.

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