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Accounting in the cloud

posted March 23, 2016

Have you ever wondered whether cloud accounting would be the right solution for your small/medium business? Would not it be wonderful to have access to your accounting information from anywhere, anytime on any device. And to have all of this with unlimited users at no additional cost?

Accounting Technology has a very interesting article today entitled “Cloud Adoption by Industry and Geography: The Texas Two-Step”.

In it, Marcus Wagner, founder of a consulting firm that provides cloud-based accounting software, makes some interesting points on the differences between Houston and Austin regarding the adoption of the cloud strategy. Houston has been slower adopting the cloud… Wagner argues why that is so.

Cute quote from the article that totally resonated with me (I moved from Austin to Houston):

“while Geoffrey Moore’s “Chasm” between early adopters and the late majority doesn’t quite describe the gap between these two cities, driving down Highway 290 can feel like moving between two different worlds, both technologically and culturally.”

Read the whole article

Credits: The picture is from a 2015 workshop led by the Chamber of Commerce of Kelowna, BC (Canada) entitled “Take your Business to the Cloud”.

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