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We came from other firms, but left them all behind.

Our History

Our founders, John Thayer and Mickey O’Neal learned a lot from working in larger accounting firms, but something was missing. To them, clients have never been about just numbers. So when they founded ThayerONeal in January 2015, they wanted to create a culture that was more than just dollars in and dollars out. It was seeing clients as people who have dreams and ambitions and concerns and helping them achieve those goals.

John and Mickey met in the early 1990s having worked in different firms. After forming a professional friendship, they soon discovered that they shared the vision of creating a firm that would help virtually any kind of business grow from the smallest startup to the larger corporation. But they both shared the ideal of focusing on the people behind those businesses. Originally offering accounting and tax services to the healthcare industry, John and Mickey quickly expanded their expertise into energy companies, professional services firms and startup companies.

In ThayerONeal, Mickey and John created a thriving accounting practice with rapidly growing audit, tax and consulting practices thanks to a top staff of Certified Public Accountants, senior auditors and managers as well as Certified Fraud Examiners. Besides English, the firm’s multilingual team speaks Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese helping them with clients and their businesses worldwide.

We think globally.

In 2016, ThayerONeal joined GMN International, a well-established association of carefully selected professional accounting firms that provide auditing, accounting, taxation, and consulting services to businesses worldwide. Our membership in GMN gives our clients access to the broad range of global services provided by its members around the globe. No matter where you do business, ThayerONeal can tap a GMN partner to help fill in the International gaps.

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